A list of services we offer

General Support in all Aspects of Lighting

Khabari is committed to excellence in support by our professionally trained staff. We create the best lighting solutions; by defining project requirements, to meet the needs of our clients design. We believe that attention to small details it what makes the difference.We guarantee a comprehensive lighting solution and product satisfaction. Our lighting solutions are project specific and can be customized accordingly to meet any requirements.


Lighting concept design solutions through lighting layouts & 3D perspectives

Together we design your project requirements, to meet the need of design. We position, aim and do the overall design look to create the ambience required to fulfil clients vision.

Selection & Specification of technical & decorative light fittings with full documentation of lighting calculations

Along with our expert lighting design team and quality suppliers, we guarantee a comprehensive lighting solution and product satisfaction. We select the sufficient source of light that best meets the requirements requested. We work on special lighting software to estimate the values of luminance. We submit full efficient results of the output. We give results of average lux levels and see if it is suitable for the type of space defined.




Media Façade Lighting & Contracting

Media façade projects are singularly studied to provide a unique & project-specific design to provide the lighting solution needed to fulfil our vision. Our scope of work is to enrich the architecture of the structure & bring out the best attributes and adding a media solution, without overpowering the architecture of the building.