Lighting Design & Calculation

Together, we plan your solution in order to meet the requirements of your design and your clients’ vision. We work using special lighting design software to estimate the values of luminance. We submit full results that determine the outputs of average lux levels, to advise if products selected are suitable for the spaces defined by the brief.

Lighting Controls & Content

Khabari is committed to excellence with the support of professionally trained staff. We create the best lighting solutions by defining project requirements and scope that meets the needs of our clients’ design. We believe that attention to small details is what makes the difference. Our lighting solutions are project-specific and can be customised accordingly to meet any requirements.

Media Facade Lighting

Media facade projects are individually studied to aid a unique, project-specific design in order to meet the design requirements, provide the lighting solution needed and fulfil our creative vision. Our scope of work is to enrich the architecture of the structure and bring out the best attributes, adding a media solution without overpowering the integrity of the building’s architectural design.

Lighting Supply & Installation

We select the sufficient source of light that best meets the requirements of the brief. Along with our expert team and quality suppliers, we guarantee a comprehensive lighting solution, installation and product specification.